Asparagus & Spring Pea Risotto

Posted on May 16, 2012

Finally, the amazing risotto recipe I’ve been promising you!!

DSC03191 Asparagus & Spring Pea Risotto

This is not the first time I’ve attempted risotto. And while they usually end up coming out okay, the rice is always hard and I can never figure out why. Attention risotto newbies! You MUST use arborio rice!! There is no way around it. You cannot use basmati, short grain, long grain, or sushi rice. I have tried them all, and they all failed. THIS recipe, though, this one was perfect!!

DSC03194 Asparagus & Spring Pea Risotto

So creamy, butter-y, & flavourful. It made enough for Dallas & I to have dinner AND lunch the next day!

I can’t take credit for the recipe- I found a Vegan Starter Guide pamphlet made by Friends of Animals when Dallas and I visited Sarah’s Place in Victoria last weekend. I took it just for this recipe, and it was so worth it. If you want the original recipe, this link will take you to the pdf pamphlet. The only change I made:

- I did not have shallots, so I used 4 cloves of minced garlic.

Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly. Amazing amazing amazing! Exactly what I expected out of a risotto recipe.

And speaking of Victoria Vegan/Friends of Animals, I was asked to be a vendor {with my Char Stars!} in the First Annual Victoria Vegan Fest on Canada Day this year!! I am sooo excited to bring my Char Stars to Victoria, BC again and participate in such a momentous event. Thank you to Dave and Jordan for the opportunity!

On that note, Dallas re-designed my business cards and they are on their way to me now! What do you think?

Chars new card 2 e1337022679709 Asparagus & Spring Pea Risotto

P.S. I realize this post is crazy link happy! I do apologize, but figured you guys might want links to different things.

I hope you’re having a fabulous week, foodies!

peace, love, food <3

Char, xo

pixel Asparagus & Spring Pea Risotto

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20 Responses to Asparagus & Spring Pea Risotto

  1. Rissoto is my favorite!! I actually find pearled barley fairly similar in flavor, but I’ll always go back to my favorite arborio rice. :)

  2. Tracy says:

    This recipe looks delish! I’m even more excited to see that you’ll be in Victoria with your Char Stars! I’ll be there :)

  3. Samantha says:

    Congrats on being asked as a vendor! I am excited for your Char’s Stars and I love the business card. I always like a bit of color in the cards and they also display the goodies nicely!

    PS. Last night I laid in bed and dreamed about sushi and specifically banana-avocado sushi which I haven’t even tried yet! I blame you. :)

    • thank you for the well wishes, Samantha! and I’m glad you like the design. I’m really excited for the new cards to get here.

      LOL! I love that you dreamed about that sushi :P I remember craving avocado sushi before I’d even tried it, and it ended up tasting exactly how I thought it would. (and I’d never had sushi OR avocado before that craving.) Now you HAVE to try the banana & avocado combo. I promise you will love it :D it’s super addicting in the best way.

  4. I LOVE risotto! How did you get it that darker colour? Mine looks like that when I puree butternut squash into the stock sometimes, so I wasn’t sure if you had done anything like that?

    So exciting about your stall and your stars! I love your new cards! xx

    • oooooohhh great idea about the butternut squash! If you follow the link it goes to the recipe, but I pureed cooked asparagus & peas together to make that colour :) it was delicious! I will be making it again.

      and thank you, Anna! I’m really excited! xo

  5. Alison says:

    Very cool about the Char Star’s! Too bad I won’t be here this year for Canada Day. :(

  6. Crazy is interesting! :D Looks super yummy!

  7. Cait says:

    How exciting! I’ll have to come buy some from you that day, if I’m in town :)

  8. Carly says:

    I’m so behind in my blog reading! I have to catch up on yours.

    Risotto is one of my favorite foods ever ever ever, and I’m actually planning on making some tomorrow night! It’s not true risotto, but using barley works really well also! (Not that I can eat it…booo).

  9. Glad you enjoyed the recipe, the Vegan Starter Guides fro Friends of Animals can be found free around Victoria as well. =)

    See you at the Vegan Fest!!!

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