Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

Posted on April 7, 2013

Hey hey foodies! Thank you to everyone who gave suggestions for recipes on my Facebook page. I will be giving them all a try in short order!

As many of you know, I finally ordered a Vitamix and UPS delivered it early Thursday morning blank Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included} It was really exciting to be able to use it right away for breakfast. First, Dallas _ I made this blueberry orange smoothie:

photo 41 Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

(Ingredients {for 1 serving}: 3/4 cup almond milk, 1 tsp vanilla, sprinkle cinnamon, 1 cup spinach, 1 banana, 1 orange, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries.)

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from the Vitamix for smoothies. Our blender (a Kitchenaid) did a pretty fine job up until now, but the Vitamix blew me away. I’ve never had a homemade smoothie taste so smooth! It was like drinking something from Orange Julius, only way healthier. I decided right away that this purchase was a good idea.

Next up: Orange juice. In an effort to reduce my coffee consumption, I decided I was going to start drinking real, fresh orange juice in the morning. This recipe was given to me by my friend, Alita.

photo 40 Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

(Ingredients: 1 cup water, 2 large oranges {or 3 medium}, 1 cup ice. optional: 1 carrot)

photo 32 Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

I looooove this drink! I tried it the first time with a carrot, and the last two days without. It’s great both ways. I’m amazed at how the whole fruits are in there, and yet there is no pulp! I brought some to class to drink instead of coffee, and it kept me awake just as effectively. The only difference? I didn’t feel dehydrated after, so no need to chug water.

photo 39 Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

Later, I had a crazy craving for mac _ cheese. Would you believe you can make cheese sauce in the Vitamix? Yep! Put in the milk, flour, butter, and salt, and blend for 3-4 mins until it starts steaming. Add in your cubed cheese, which will melt _ blend quite quickly. Pour over cooked macaroni noodles (and roasted broccoli!) and serve. OR cover with bread crumbs and bake, as I did! This meal was incredible.

photo 38 Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

Obviously I hadn’t already eaten enough, so I made some chocolate sorbet. It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped…apparently there’s definitely a method to making ice cream in the Vitamix, and my machine shut itself off while I was in the process (it has a heat sensor so that it can protect itself from overheating by shutting off). I didn’t follow a recipe, and I’ve decided that until I’m more comfortable with ice cream, I will only follow recipes. For this reason, I’m not sharing the chocolate sorbet recipe until I’ve got a good method down.

photo 33 Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

The next day, I had my girlfriend Alison over for lunch and we made tomato basil soup:

photo 37 Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

(Ingredients: 4 roma tomatoes, 1 clove garlic, 1/2 bunch basil.)

We were excited to see the steam coming out and it was really neat to not have to heat the soup on the stove. Just pour into a bowl, season with salt _ pepper, and eat! So good.

I went to my parents’ house in Victoria for the weekend (partly to celebrate my birthday early! yay), and we played quite a bit with the Vitamix, too. I got so caught up in everything that I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but here are some fun ones:

Orange Creamsicle!! Whaaat.

photo 36 Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

(Ingredients: 1 cup almond milk, 1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt, 2 oranges, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 cup ice.)

This drink was so ridiculously good, it’s one of my favourites now. We all agreed that it was like drinking a milkshake, but without all of the sugar _ cream. Great for a healthy dessert! This is one I will be making again a lot.

Strawberry Daquiri

photo 34 Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

(Ingredients: 4 oz rum, 2 oz Grand Marnier, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 3 tbsp powdered sugar, 1 cup ice.)

My brother had some rum and really wanted to make some cocktails, so I shared in the afternoon drinks with him. This was a fun one! It’s pretty cool that my Vitamix doubles as a bartender.

We also used the Vitamix to help chop veggies _ garlic for dinner, we made a gluten-free cream of mushroom soup, and we made¬†apple pie ice cream. By the end of the day, my parents were saying, “it’s so nice to eat food and feel good about it!” I agree.

Anybody else doing that 30-day green smoothie challenge? Today’s was a Strawberry Basil smoothie. Loooved this one! Though to be honest, there are a couple I’m not crazy about but I’m still trying all of them. I found that the less-than-desirable smoothies actually got way better when the Vitamix got here. What do you guys think of the smoothie challenge? Anyone still hanging in there?

photo 35 Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

Keep those recipe suggestions coming, foodies! I hope you all have a fabulous week blank Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

peace, love, food <3

Char, xo

pixel Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

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14 Responses to Playing with the Vitamix {Recipes Included}

  1. Oh your Vitamix looks awesome!

  2. Brenda says:

    yay. i love when people get a vitamix. i’m completely in love with mine. :D the soup thing is the most exciting part imo. although the entire thing is exciting to be honest. but steam out of a blender. that is out of this world!

    • Thank you, Brenda! I’m definitely head over heels for mine :D I totally agree about the soup – I’ve made 4 hot items in there in the past couple of days! It’s so neat to see the steam. Today I even made a creamy peanut sauce to pour over stirfry. Ooohhh my! I love that I can chuck a piece of fresh ginger in there and not have to grate it or peel it :) Amazing.

  3. Ahhh I want one so badly! The smoothness of them is definitely something I know they can do that I want one for! Also the fact that you can make raw dishes like soups because, like you found with the cheese sauce, they heat up just by leaving it on. It’s also great that it has an automatic shut-off to prevent itself from overheating. Your sorbet looks amazing, even if you say it didn’t turn out well! Can’t wait for your ice cream recipes :).

    • Thank you, Anna! I’m very excited about it (still) & I hope you are able to get your hands on one soon! I use mine a minimum of 3 times a day, and it has really cut down on dishes & prep time in the kitchen! :) My only regret is not buying one sooner! haha

  4. Kit-Kat says:

    The sorbet looks good! :D

  5. Teressa says:

    I tried tomato basil soup from a recipe on you tube really tomato-e almost like fresh salsa minus flavor, not like bought tomato soup. It was my first use of the machine did your taste this way as well?

    • Hi Teressa! No, mine definitely tasted like soup. Not salsa-y at all. I had a guest for lunch, and we were both surprised by how flavourful it was :)
      P.S. I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you. I have been away from my blog for awhile.

  6. Winnie says:

    I got mine today, and just cleaned it up and now am looking forward to trying it out. Off to get some fruits and veggies tomorrow to give it a try. Thanks for your post, It gave me some fun places to start!!

  7. Kimmie says:

    Have you just melted chocolate in the Vitamix? For say, chocolate covered strawberries, or pouring into molds?

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