Howdy, Calgary

Posted on July 16, 2013

Hey hey, foodies! I feel like every time I catch you up, I’m apologizing for disappearing. Here’s to (hopefully) keeping on track with my posts from now on!

To catch you up: I’m in Calgary! and I have been since Canada Day (July 1st).

cowgirl e1374720291786 Howdy, Calgary

Why? Among wanting to visit friends and family I don’t get to see very often, I wanted to volunteer in the Depression Lab in the Psychology Department at the University of Calgary. Though I can’t share with you about the research until it’s actually completed (in May 2014), I will tell you that I am enjoying it immensely. The graduate student I am assisting is awesome, I’m psyched about the research for her Master’s thesis, and it’s neat to get a peek into what grad school will be like. I’m so thankful that I have this opportunity.

u of c e1374720343832 Howdy, Calgary

On my way to Alberta (yep, I drove!), I stopped at my Auntie _ Uncle’s home in the Shuswap. I got all kinds of animal snuggles and yummy food.

house in Shuswap e1374720379223 Howdy, Calgary

Gulliver! One of the three dogs. I kinda wanted to steal him.

snuggles with Gulliver e1374720423717 Howdy, Calgary

Oh, those stuffed peppers <3 This whole meal was amazing, complete with obligatory red wine.

yummy dinner e1374720460833 Howdy, Calgary

I even met a cuddly turkey named Tommy. Who knew turkeys were cuddly?

Tommy the turkey e1374720497624 Howdy, Calgary

My cousin made these grain-free pancakes for breakfast in the morning, too. Mercy! Two eggs, one banana, cinnamon, vanilla, flaxseed, hempseed. Seriously, no flour! So good.

pancakes e1374720530907 Howdy, Calgary

Onto Calgary: I am having no shortage of fun here. First, I have been staying with a good friend that I actually have not seen since our prom in 2005. Meet Elysia:

me and elysia e1374720572482 Howdy, Calgary

Elysia is a sweetheart. Our daily girl talk, movie nights, and dinner making has been a blast. She lives with her fiance, Scott, not far from the university, and they are generously letting me stay with them for the summer.

I got her hooked on zucchini noodles, too.

Elysia and zucchini e1374720623901 Howdy, Calgary

And we made this amazing cauliflower Alfredo! My photo does not do it justice (I really need to stop with the iPhone photos), but you need to go make this tonight.

pasta alfredo e1374720663789 Howdy, Calgary

I also surprised her with this one pot pasta for dinner last night. NOM! So amazing. I stirred the parmesan right in and it tastes so creamy. Another new favourite!

one pot pasta e1374720695253 Howdy, Calgary

We even went Stampeding together. Yeehaw!

stampeding e1374720739230 Howdy, Calgary

And you might see more pictures of her beautiful dog, Kali. She is such a doll. One of the gentlest dogs I know.

Kali and Elysia e1374720789946 Howdy, Calgary

My beautiful sister at the Calgary Farmer’s Market:

amy e1374720832749 Howdy, Calgary

My sister Amy does not live in Calgary, but Lacombe about 2 hours north from here. She is looking after my baby Mowzers while I am in Calgary. It’s awesome because I get to see her on weekends. (Sadly, Gizmo is still missing. Please watch out for him, Nanaimo.)

mowzers2 e1374720870591 Howdy, Calgary

Mowzers was on high alert watching the thunderstorm with me. So cute!

mowzers e1374720903887 Howdy, Calgary

My sister and her fiance Mathew are also excellent cooks:

BBQ veggies!

BBQ veggies e1374720940708 Howdy, Calgary

Broccoli quiche. Damn, I love quiche.

quiche e1374720978796 Howdy, Calgary

They also made an incredible tomato basil soup, which I sadly forgot to take a picture of. Amazing. So even though they’re not in Calgary, I do get to see them quite a bit, which is awesome.

Visits with Tracey (Dallas’ sister) have been lots of fun, too. I even helped her style a photo shoot on the beach last week! Kinda neat to see a photo shoot from another angle (no pun intended).

me and tracey e1374721016811 Howdy, Calgary

lake e1374721078397 Howdy, Calgary

While we were there, I read my book a little, too. Any other Game of Thrones nerds reading this? I’m only on book two, so no spoilers! (Though I obviously watch the show.) I could seriously talk about this all day, but I will leave you with this: Dallas found an awesome YouTube channel that shows the history of the houses (Lannister, Targaeryan, Stark, etc) BEFORE book one begins. You know, concerning Lyanna, Brandon, Rhaegar, Aerys, and so on. It’s very detailed and very interesting. Here is a taste. It helps the story and the characters make a lot more sense. Search her videos for more. I love her channel.

reading e1374721118842 Howdy, Calgary

Tracey and I also checked out The Coup in the southwest of Calgary (Well, she treated me to dinner since I helped her with the photo shoot. Thanks, Tracey!). Sadly, all of the food photos I took are very dark, but if you go there for nothing else, order the yam fries! We got both the tahini miso dip and the curry dip for the fries, and I still can’t decide which is my favourite.

yam fries e1374721153244 Howdy, Calgary

Also, I finally mastered Mermaid pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana):

yoga e1374721183946 Howdy, Calgary

I am very proud of this! My next goal is Bakasana (crow pose).

And how could I forget hiking in Canmore?

hiking e1374721219479 Howdy, Calgary

Such beautiful views!

canmore e1374721251558 Howdy, Calgary

But damn, mosquitoes like we don’t get on the West Coast! I looked like a had a skin disease after this hike. haha.

And that’s about it! I will try to keep up with this over the summer, so that everyone knows what I’m up to. Also, I will get back in the habit of using my DSLR. It’s not as quick as using the iPhone, but damn the photos are way better.

Love you guys!

Char, xo

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  1. Leslie Durso says:

    I think your picture of the zucchini alfredo is great :) Thanks for making and I hope you enjoyed!

  2. Cindy says:

    yum! all of your recipes look so good! thanks!

  3. How fun! Char, you look so cute! All these recipes look delicious. :)

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